Post Graduation Diploma In Histo & Cyto Technology

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Duration 1 Year
Education B.SC MLT
Science / Microbiology
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Post Graduation Diploma In Histo & Cyto Technology

  • Histotechnology is highly demanding especially in the context of cancer diagnosis. Even though informal short-term trainings are given, structured training course is lacking. Specialized Histotechnology course is hence planned in the Centre of Excellence, Histopathology Laboratory
  • Prepare the students to independently organize and manage a histopathology laboratory with all necessary infrastructure if needed.
  • At the end of the training the students should be able to process the tissue independently, cut sections and stain by the routine haematoxylin and eosin staining procedure and be able to do the most commonly used special staining techniques wherever required.
  • They will be confident of performing IHC and other histology related techniques, The students should also be able to acquaint and maintain quality control measures and rectify any difficulty which may arise.
  • TA cytotechnologist's primary responsibility is working with a microscope to detect a variety of diseases, including cancer and pre-cancerous changes. However, they also are qualified in the detection of viral changes, nutritional disorders, and changes secondary to therapy.