Diploma In EEG

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Duration 3 Year
Education 10 + 2

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Diploma In EEG

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG) technicians operate neurological equipment and take care of patients before, during and after an EEG test. Aspiring EEG technicians need a high school diploma.
  • However, college diplomas, certificates and associate degree programs are available to prepare individuals for work as EEG technicians. Some medical facilities also offer training to interested applicants.
  • An EEG technician uses specialized diagnostic equipment to take scans and help identify internal medical issues, such as injuries and tumors.
  • They are responsible for working with patients, processing the tests, and maintaining their equipment. Completion of a specific training program and registration are required for these technicians to work.
  • EEG technicians perform tests to help diagnose injuries, brain diseases and tumors. Using an instrument to record brain waves, EEG techs can also determine brain functions in a diseased patient. They are also responsible for adjusting the equipment and ensuring it's working correctly.
  • The EEG techs also communicate with the patients, observe their behavior, help prepare them for the procedure and make sure the output is ready for interpretation. Their job duties may also include ordering supplies, preparing the room and cleaning after the procedure.