Certificate Course In Spa Massage Therapy

Course Features

Duration 3 Year
Education 10 + 2

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Certificate Course In Spa Massage Therapy

  • A course in spa therapy gives students the tools and knowledge they need to become a massage therapist. Courses such as anatomy, physiology, skin care, and stress reduction are usually required for successful completion.
  • In addition to assignments and lectures, students will more than likely be required to practice applying their newly attained skills in a real-life setting. At the course's end, students will generally have a solid understanding of the basic concepts of massage therapy.
  • Completing a spa therapy course offers many benefits. The course provides students with applicable skills and knowledge, which allows them to find jobs with greater ease. For students already employed in this field, more advancement opportunities may accompany course completion.
  • Spa / massage therapists are professionally qualified practitioners who deliver a variety of therapies and body care treatments such as massage, body wraps, body scrubs, therapeutic baths etc. It is the Spa Therapists, who provide therapeutic benefits to reduce stress, alleviate muscle aches and pains and help to improve the overall well being of their clients.