Certificate Course In Acupressure And Massage

Course Features

Duration 3 Year
Education 10 + 2

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Certificate Course In Acupressure And Massage

  • Acupressure is nature’s health science built in our body. In reflexology therapy you have to apply pressure on certain points located on palms and soles. The pressure given on points stimulates all the organs of the body to prevent disease and to maintain good health.
  • Acupressure treatment is gaining popularity all over the world. People are accepting acupressure treatment because of its affordability and lack of side effects during or after treatment. Acupressure techniques are fairly easy and simple to learn, and one can use self-acupressure to relieve stress. One can also use some tools such as hand roller, back roller, acupressure mats and seats and many more for applying equal pressure on all the points.
  • Acupressure therapists in India can find job opportunities in hotels, resorts, spas, salons, public health clinics, sports centers etc. They can also join in travel, amusement and recreational companies providing personal care services. At the start of the career, one can work with experienced and reputed Acupressurists and learn as much as possible.
  • One can start their own clinic and become a self-employed practitioner to offer their services independently to clients. Another option open to Acupressurists is to specialize in animal acupressure for cats, dogs or horses.