Bachelor Of Vocational In Medical Imaging Technology

Course Features

Duration 3 Year
Education 12th, DMLT

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Bachelor Of Vocational In Medical Imaging Technology

  • B.Voc. Medical Imaging Technology or Bachelor of Vocation in Medical Imaging Technology is an undergraduate Medical Lab Technologist course. Medical imaging technology is a process used to create images of the human body or parts and function thereof for clinical purposes or medical science.
  • The duration of B.Voc. Medical Imaging Technology course three years and it may be, in some cases, more or less than this. It is an important and job orienting in nature. There are many colleges and universities which are offering this course on their campuses.
  • A graduate of B. MIT is an all-rounder as far as imaging is concerned. The course envisages to build in an overall expertise in the student, of imaging patients with care, whether it’s an in-patient or someone in the OPD. This student would be capable of offering a range of services from X-Ray imaging to CT scan imaging to MRI imaging.
  • Besides, skills related to imaging, equipment handling, maintenance and report writing with effective communication skills, etc, would also be developed. The need for such professionals has been expressed by not only the healthcare industry employers, but also the consumers of this industry, i.e., patients. The course creates the grounds for enhancing vertical growth opportunities for the MIT graduate.
  • B.Sc. in Medical Radiography & Imaging Technology is a 3-year undergraduate course in Medical Lab Technology. Medicinal Radiography and Imaging Technology involves the methods and processes used to take internal pictures of the human body parts/ organs, and capacities thereof, for clinical purposes, such as investigation of the body’s normal anatomy and physiology.